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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BOS 204 – Relief assistance to SMEs hit by the winter damage

Period: 01June 2012 – 15 Nov 2012 Location: Foca, Foca-Ustikolina, Gorazde, Rogatica, Visegrad Donor: The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (51.800,00 EUR) Targeted Municipalities (15.000,00 EUR) Beneficiaries’ contribution (12.000,00 EUR) Project in brief: The project aimed at supporting 107 SMEs that suffered damage in the winter storm beginning 2012 in material-technical assistance. The SME’s registered by the municipal administration…

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BOS 203 – Urgent relief assistance to the flooded Eastern Bosnia

Period: 13 Dec 2010 – 28 Feb 2011 Location: Foca-Ustikolina, Gorazde, Novo Gorazde, Visegrad Donor:  The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (85.581,00 EUR) Help-Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. (9.509,00 EUR) Project in brief: In early December 2010, the Drina region suffered enormous damage caused by the floods. Damage caused by the floods in the municipalities of the Drina River…

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BOS 195 – Urgent firewood help

Period: 12.01.2009 – 28.02.2009 Location: Canton Sarajevo, municipalities Zenica, Srebrenica and Istocna Ilidza Funded by: German Foreign Ministry in cooperation with the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in BiH and Help-Hilfe zur Selbshilfe e.V. (31.327,61€) The project in brief: In January and February, Help implemented the project „BOS 195 – Urgent firewood help“ providing wooden briquettes for the…

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Winter aid for 894 socially vulnerable people in Central and eastern BiH

Period: 15 Nov 2007 – 29 Feb 2008 Funded by: the German Foreign Ministry, through the Stability Pact for South Eastern Europe (€ 50.000.00) Co-funded by the local municipalities (€ 5.600.00) Deliveries of essential food packages to: The collective center in Sokolac The collective center in Hrasnica Socially vulnerable families in Cajnice Deliveries of firewood to: The collective center in…

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