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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

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Your confidence in our work

 There are no projects without funding. We must rely on public donations in order to implement our projects. Public donations and institutional funding like from for example the German Government, the European Union, the United Nations and/or other parties, we are able to finance disaster relief and development projects. Institutional funding is an indicator for the trust these institutions place into the work of NGOs.

According to our legal status we are obliged to undertake an annual audit carried out by independent external auditors. Being a member of the German fundraising community, we voluntarily go through an annual audit by the Central Federal Institute for Social Issues (DZI), Berlin, on the transparency of our financial management and the use of earmarked funds. A respective certificate is awarded and published on an annual basis confirming the reliability of our organisation.

If you wish to support Help’s work in Bosnia, you can make a donation through bank transfer on Help’s account:


Bank: Postbank Essen,
Bank Code: 360 100 43,
Account no.:  4444 435,
Reference note: „Bosnia“


Your financial donations to Help Bosnia will be used for:

  1. immediate humanitarian assistance (e.g. winter aid)
  2. income generation activities (support to start up businesses)
  3. support to internally displaced persons, refugees and other vulnerable local population (e.g. building social housing)

 You can also support our work by placing a link to our homepage by using Help banner as gif available at http://www.help-ev.de/service/mit-online-banner-helfen/ )

Thank you for your trust and support!