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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BOS 216 – Poverty reduction and employment enhancement of marginalized and disadvantaged in BiH

Period: October 2014 – December 2014
Location: Odzak
Funded by: The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany

Project in brief:

The support within the project will be provided by issuing vouchers for purchase of material resources required for 192 business activities in the Municipality of Odzak. Individual value of voucher will amount in average 730,00 EUR for micro businesses, and 6.000,00 EUR for small and medium businesses with 2 or more employees.


Beneficiaries will be obliged to:

  1. Submit proof that agriculture is basic source of income of their family,
  2. Follow the donor’s rules on the use of vouchers,
  3. Provide Help staff access throughout the project implementation to monitor and follow up the development of the business activity,
  4. Perform 10 hours of community service.


Merely agriculture activities will be supported within the project only provided that beneficiaries have reported flood damage with the municipal emergency situation committee in Odzak.

Average grant value per individual beneficiary to be used in four authorized agriculture pharmacies in Odzak will amount to 730,00 EUR.
Project objectives:

The main goal of the project is to improve employment opportunities of marginalized and disadvantaged through self-employment and income generation. The project aims at sustainable economic development through private sector enhancement and agricultural modernization.

In the Municipality of Odzak will be supported 192 beneficiaries.

Regardless of the ethical, gender and age structure all population local and returnees are eligible to apply.