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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BOS 204 – Relief assistance to SMEs hit by the winter damage

Period: 01June 2012 – 15 Nov 2012
Location: Foca, Foca-Ustikolina, Gorazde, Rogatica, Visegrad
Donor: The Government of the Federal Republic of Germany (51.800,00 EUR)
Targeted Municipalities (15.000,00 EUR)
Beneficiaries’ contribution (12.000,00 EUR)

Project in brief

The project aimed at supporting 107 SMEs that suffered damage in the winter storm beginning 2012 in material-technical assistance. The SME’s registered by the municipal administration services and visited by the damage evaluation committee were eligible for assistance. Maximum amount of individual grant value is estimated to 1.565,00 KM (800 €). This project aims at development of the micro and small businesses and local economy suffering damage due to the winter storm.