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Help – Hilfe zur Selbsthilfe e.V. Mission in Bosnia and Herzegovina

BOS 197 – Micro Small and Medium Enterprises development in Gorazde, Rogatica, Foca and Novo Gorazde

Period: 09 September 2010 – 09 September 2012
Location: Gorazde, Rogatica, Foca, Novo Gorazde
Funded by:  The Eurpean Union (399.578,09 EUR)


Co-financed by:

Municipality of Gorazde (19.951,50 EUR)
Municipality of Foca-Ustikolina (5.985,45 EUR)
Municipality of Pale-Praca (1.995,15 EUR)
Municipality of Foca (17.956,35 EUR)
Municipality of Rogatica (17.956,35 EUR)
Municipality of Novo Gorazde (7.980,60 EUR)


Project in brief:

The main objective of the project is to generate economic growth and employment by supporting competitive economic sectors in BiH, creating sustainable self-employment, poverty reduction and sustainable development in the targeted regions with main focus on the SME sector strengthening.

Job creation and development of micro enterprises through business incubation are specific goals to be achieved through the following components:

  1. Establishment and/or development of 180 SMEs in the identified regional strategic sectors, with in-kind grants, training, vocational education and product certification,
  2. Creation of conditions for the registration of at least one job per business,
  3. Establishment of a network of supported agricultural producers who communicate with municipalities and exchange experiences and information,
  4. Progress monitoring and provision of advisory support to new businesses through consulting, exchange of information, assistance in selling products and services, supply chain, and joining professional associations, to improve performance and profitability.